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know:juander-A Kid Love, beta

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment


The debut album from know:juander (1/4 of the Cosmic Souls Collective) dropped last month and was received very well, but it still deserves to be heard by more people. It is a great example of D.I.Y.,  know:juander handled the rhymes, beats, and graphics. You can stream the majority of the album at his Bandcamp. My interview with know:juander for The Find Magazine is coming soon.

Note: Peep the Potholes In My Blog and Honozooloo Media reviews of A Kid Love, beta.


1. Memories

2. Intro Window

3. Mom’s Street Canvas

4. This Long Keep On

5. Pause That Tape

6. The Love Beta Interlude

7. Home

8. Drummer (A Little Bit)

9. Painting A Still

10. A Little Bit (More)

11. Determination Ft. Jarell Perry